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Penetration Testing

NIFT Application Penetration Testing

NIFT Application Penetration Tests evaluate the security of an organization’s critical IT Infrastructure against security best practice criteria. By simulating real-world, application–level attacks, the tests provide insight into the ability of an organization’s application to resist attacks from unauthorized users and to help prevent misuse by valid users.

Our Security Consultants Team act like a team of hackers. We perform what is known as a snapshot in time attack against your critical IT Infrastructure. This means, if we find weaknesses or vulnerabilities against your current network configuration, it is only valid until your next configuration, change.

It is recommended that companies have penetration testing performed every quarter. Even if configuration changes are not taking place, new vulnerabilities may have been discovered since the last test period. Our services are for annual bases and no additional charges applies for follow-up tests for the same year.

Our penetration test engineers work under strict “ethical hacking” guidelines which help protect customer information when a vulnerability is discovered and protects client data from being exposed to the internet. When a serious vulnerability is discovered during testing, the penetration test team will contact the system administrators and help them tighten down the problem as soon as possible.

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