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DigiCert Certificates for email security

In the physical world, you protect your written correspondence by putting it in an envelope before posting. In the online world, sending an e-mail message is like sending a postcard: it is easy to intercept and read as it travels across the Internet. Instead of risking disclosure of your private e-mails, safeguard them with either our private hierarchy for internal emails only or by a DigiCert Client ID from NIFTeTRUST.
Installed in your Web browser or e-mail software, a Digital ID serves as an electronic substitute for sealed envelopes and handwritten signatures, enabling you to:

  • Digitally sign e-mail messages to assure recipients that e-mail really came from you.
  • Encrypt e-mail contents and attachments, protecting them from being read by online intruders so that only your intended recipient can decrypt them.


  • In order to secure your e-mail with a Digital ID, you must use your ID with a POP-based e-mail client.
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