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UBL Partners With NIFT to Provide E-commerce Payments Solution

UBL Digital recently signed a strategic agreement with NIFT to enable digital payments (mobile/e-commerce) via ‘NIFT ePay.’ This partnership will allow UBL Branch and OMNI customers to conduct secure e-commerce transactions directly through their accounts.
UBL’s customers will now be able to make online purchases on UBL and NIFT enabled e-Commerce merchants, thereby providing end-user convenience and expanding the reach for safe and secure online transactions. Furthermore, NIFT ePay will also be integrated with UBL Digital’s internet payment gateway to enable other bank customers to pay online at web stores by checking out via the account direct debit option. The funds will be directly deducted from the customer’s account and transferred to the merchant in an easy and secure way.
The signing ceremony was attended by CEO Haider Wahab; Head of DFS, Fawad Abdul Kader; and NIFT’s Head of Business Development, Imran Korai. UBL was represented by its Head of Digital Payments & Branchless Banking, Muhammad Hamayun Sajjad; Head of Digital Channels, Amin Rahman; Head of Digital Payments Acceptance, Arsalan Arif; and Head of Digital Banking, Adnan Javaid; and Head of Digital Communications, Aliya Ahmed.
Muhammad Hamayun Sajjad was delighted that partnerships like these provide UBL with the capability of offering a variety of digital payment options to its customers.
Haider Wahab said, “We are pleased to sign up UBL for NIFT ePay services, enabling UBL account holders to make payments and also allowing UBL to offer online collections to its corporate and business relationships through NIFT ePay Platform”.
UBL maintains its niche in the financial services space and is a leader in digitizing payments, and believes that this partnership with NIFT will enable new use cases for the market.