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Statebank of Pakistan Grants Commercial Launch for NiftePay

National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT), in collaboration with its business and technology partner TPS Worldwide, announces the launch of “NIFT ePay”, Pakistan’s all-inclusive and agnostic payment gateway which provides business solutions beyond payments.

NIFT ePay enables e-commerce payments by aggregating all payment instruments available in Pakistan including accounts, wallets, and cards for customers to pay their e-commerce purchases or against their business invoices digitally, securely, and conveniently and with the method of their preference through an ever-growing network of merchants, businesses, participating banks, and other financial institutions.

Today, ePay has already signed up all the major financial institutions and has enabled their customers to make payments conveniently to a variety of use cases in a secure and reliable manner. NIFT ePay is already living up to its promise to disrupt the digital payment landscape of Pakistan into a new era of digital payments with a smooth payment experience and becoming the largest aggregator of bank accounts.

 NIFT Launches Pakistan’s Interoperable e-Payment Gateway 'NIFT ePay' (