Seamlessly ensuring Pakistan’s financial security, for our partners and their clients.

Bureau Services

NIFT acknowledges the hard work that their partners put in to transactions before sending them to NIFT for clearing. Concerned with relieving their workload, NIFT offers bureau services for a smoother clearing process.

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Secured 2D Barcode

Another safeguard for banks against forgery is the use of secure 2D barcodes. MICR line information is encoded onto cheques in the form of a barcode with a unique encryption key.

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UV Background Cheques

In this cutting-edge technique, a pattern is printed in UV ink onto a cheque. Irregularities in the printed design will appear if part of the visible-light writing on the cheque is erased.

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Secure Cheque Writing

NIFT offers a secure cheque writing systems to banks, for printing banker’s cheques and pay orders. The printing system encrypts 2D barcodes on the cheques. These barcodes facilitate the verification of encrypted content at paying banks, ensuring full protection against tampering.

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