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Symantec VIP Service

Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP)

Sophisticated attacks on online services have rendered simple password authentication insufficient to protect an organization against unauthorized access to its network applications. The ramifications of unauthorized access to confidential information are dire: non-compliance, financial penalties, and loss of customer confidence.

Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) delivers cloud-based strong authentication that combines something you know (e.g. a username and password) with something you have (a credential such as a card, token, or mobile phone). VIP helps to protect networks, applications, and data against unauthorized access as part of a comprehensive information protection program.

Cloud-based authentication service deploys without requiring hardware or software installation. Wide choice of hardware and software one-time password (OTP) credentials, including free mobile phone credentials. Leverage device and behavior profiling to deliver strong authentication without requiring hardware or software credentials. Integrates with enterprise infrastructure via RADIUS out-of-the-box or through plug-ins into popular enterprise applications.

Leverage device and behavior profiling to identify risky login attempts and prevent unauthorized access to SSL VPNs and web-based applications.

  • Deliver multi-factor authentication to users without changing legitimate users’ login experience.
  • Enable strong authentication without the need to purchase or deploy hardware or software credentials.
  • Deflect risky login attempts from threat sources identified by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network.

The key benefits of Symantec VIP Service are:

Enables compliance: Helps enable compliance by establishing controls over access to sensitive networks, applications, and data

Reduces capital costs: Eliminates the expense of building and maintaining in-premise infrastructure

Accelerates time-to-security: Speeds deployments by eliminating infrastructure and physical tokens

Delivers scalability: Carrier-class availability and reliability accommodates rapid changes in user base




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