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Smartcard – Driverless


ePass1000Auto is a driverless USB token that can be installed automatically. It employs a 8-bit smart card chip and is supported for Windows 2000 or higher. It is a cost-effective network authentication product. No need to install its middleware and upper-level applications manually at all when used. Also, no companion CD or software download is required. The workload and cost of distributors are significantly reduced. By using asymmetric key technique, reliable authentication and data encryption are available naturally. Read more. is very suitable for PKI systems. It is an ultimate choice for Internet banking.


  • Plug & Play under Windows 2000 or higher, Automatically Install Middleware and Manager Tool.
  • Built-in 8-bit Smart Card Chip.
  • Support 512-bit and 1024/2048-bit RSA Key Pair Onboard.
  • Support DES, 3DES and SHA-1 Algorithms Onboard.
  • Onboard Digital Signature Generation and Verification.
  • Hardware Implemented Random Number Generator.
  • Secure file system inside, 64K Secure Memory on Chip.
  • Full support for PKI applications, CSP and PKCS#11 Interfaces Available.
  • Support Storing Multiple Keys and Certificates.
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