NIFTeTRUST Network Policy (NTN)



NIFTeTRUST Trust Network (NTN) Certification Practice Statement (“CPS”). It states the practices that NIFTeTRUST certification authorities (“CAs”) employ in providing certification services that include, but are not limited to, issuing, managing, revoking, and renewing certificates in accordance with the specific requirements of the NIFTeTRUST Trust Network Certificate Policies (“CP”). The CP is the principal statement of policy governing the NTN. It establishes the business, legal, and technical requirements for approving, issuing, managing, using, revoking, and renewing, digital Certificates within the NTN and providing associated trust services. These requirements, called the “NTN Standards,” protect the security and integrity of the NTN, apply to all NTN Participants, and thereby provide assurances of uniform trust throughout the NTN. More information concerning the NTN and NTN Standards is available in the CP. NIFTeTRUST has authority over a portion of the NTN called its “Sub-domain” of the NTN. NIFTeTRUST Sub-domain includes entities subordinate to it such as its Customers, Subscribers, and Relying Parties. While the CP sets forth requirements that NTN Participants must meet, this CPS describes how NIFTeTRUST meets these requirements within NIFTeTRUST Sub-domain of the NTN. More specifically, this CPS describes the practices that NIFTeTRUST employs for:

  1. securely managing the core infrastructure that supports the NTN, and
  2. issuing, managing, revoking, and renewing NTN Certificates

within NIFTeTRUST Sub-domain of the NTN, in accordance with the requirements of the CP 1 and its NTN Standards.
This CPS conforms to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 3647 for Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement construction. CAs within the NIFTeTRUST Trust Network hierarchy conforms some controls of the current version of the ISO 21188, Common Criteria and eIDAS guidelines

  1. Guidelines for the Issuance and Management of Certificates,
  2. Segregation of Duties

In the event of any inconsistency between this document and those Requirement, those Requirements take precedence over this document.
* Regulatory CP is not published by ECAC and NIFT CPS referring to Class1 Class2 and Class3 surety for local and remote signing based on international PKI and common criteria standards.


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