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About Us


Purpose-built payment platform for facilitation of the quick, secured and adaptable transactions both locally and globally.

NIFT ePay is providing an agnostic/adaptable payments platform – connecting all digital players through contextual digital payments. The payment gateway is accessible for all sizes of entities for convenient transactions via secure and interoperable ecosystem. All payments instruments and methods will be available in future to resolve the limitation of data driven payment digitalization.

Background of NIFT ePay

NIFT ePay is a brand of NIFT created in collaboration with its business and technology partner “TPS”. NIFT is the pioneer and the largest transactional clearing facilitator of Pakistan since 1995, offering efficient and cost-effective automated cheque clearing. As the First Certificate Authority (CA) in Pakistan, NIFT provides Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based security solutions like digital certificates and signatures for financial institutions, businesses and Government entities. NIFT also assists entities with specialized projects such as image-based solutions, data digitization and support services.

NIFT knows the value of your time and finances, so we make seamless payments possible with simplified transaction flows and integration. NIFT partners with banks and EMIs on the supply side and Merchants and Institutions such as large corporates, SMEs and government organizations on the demand side to digitize payments. Day-to-day transactional needs like paying school fees, insurance, buying groceries online, utility bill payments, and even more complex  B2B transfers such as supply chain and vendor payments, can all be completed through NIFT ePay, leaving you with more time and less hassle.

Who we are

NIFT ePay symbolizes Business with Accountability. Having expertise in providing convenience of transactions to our clients, we take care of the complexities involved in payments transacting online. At the same time, we offer all supported digital payment methods to our clients so that their customers can complete their transaction quickly and securely.
Salient features which make us distinctive are:

  • Streamlined integration – For smooth transactions, NIFT ePay has created a seamless and simplified payment platform with easy integration.

  • Multiple payment options – A wide range of payment options for providing customers with convenience to pay through different payment options.

  • Real time reporting – All the transactions are monitored and recorded instantly to ensure that proper records are maintained.

  • Flexibility – The payment platform has the flexibility to provide the participants the option to reasonably customize the payments according to their needs.

  • Adaptable – Latest technology is in place to align with the evolving industry, customer demands and regulatory bodies.

  • Data accessibility – Systems can give you data about dispute management, fraud cases, and transaction reconciliation and transaction response rate.

  • Fast – Efficient and limited number of third party interactions during a payment transaction ensure that the payment is processed quickly.

  • Secured and compliance – All the transactions conducted through the NIFT ePay Platform are secured and are compliant to the regulatory and security compliances for keeping the customer details and accounts safe.