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Globalis International

Globalis International takes care of multi-technology and multilingual printing solutions, with a focus on banking peripherals and mobility devices and solutions. With 25 years of expertise, the Company has garnered a reputation for excellence, commitment and reliability. NIFT is proud to partner with them.

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Symantec Corporation

NIFT is a Global Affiliate of Symantec (Formerly VeriSign, Inc.) – The leading provider of digital trust services that enable everyone, everywhere to engage in commerce and communications with confidence. Symantec’s digital trust services create a trusted environment through three core offerings i.e., name, security and transaction services powered by a global infrastructure that manages more than 5 billion network connections and transactions a day. NIFT is licensed by VeriSign in Pakistan as a select provider of digital trust services in Pakistan. As an Affiliate, NIFT is a member of the VeriSign Trust Network platform and have the infrastructure of technology and practices that support the global interoperability and usage of digital trust services.

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Feitian Technologies

Established in 1998, Feitian Technologies shine as innovators in security technologies and applications. Feitian’s major business covers Software Protection, Strong Authentication, Smartcard COS and Peripherals. They focus on smartcard and chip-operating based systems. Feitian cooperates closely with global leading smartcard chip providers, serves customers around the world with cutting edge and low-cost technologies. Specialties include: OATH OTP Solutions, Strong Authentication, Smartcard COS and Peripherals, and PKI Solutions

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Public Consulting Group

NIFT has partnered with Public Consulting Group (PCG), USA who has a vast experience in providing software solutions based on OMR and OCR/ICR technology. PCG provides management consulting and technology to help public education, health, human services, and other government clients achieve their performance goals and better serve populations in need. PCG was founded in 1986 as a privately held consulting firm serving state and local health and human services programs. It has nearly 950 professionals in 39 offices around the U.S., Canada, and Poland.

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NIFT, in collaboration with Nextenders, offers a complete procure-to-pay solution to accommodate the complex requirements of the Procurement process especially in government institutions. Parent-Child architecture ensures customizable workflow to suit varying procurement processes of each department. Workflow based transactions can be easily tracked and audited.

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Founded in 1992, with over 400 sites worldwide, Aperta is a leader in providing secure payment processing solutions to financial and commercial institutions worldwide more at Aperta’s end-to-end solutions packages include capture, system design and implementation, through delivery, installation, and training to system commissioning, support and long-term maintenance. Their seamless, sophisticated systems are widely used by NIFT.

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JRSYS is a professional mobile and internet security service provider. Their excel at securing QR Code Payment, Mobile Banking, digital certificate, identification, verification and validation through software and mobile devices. NIFT is proud to draw on their expertise.

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