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NIFT – National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (Pvt) Limited was incorporated in September 1995, as a joint venture between consortium of six major Pakistani banks and Entrepreneurs from the private sector.

NIFT has been licensed and nominated by SBP as a PSO and PSP under the Rules for Payment System Operator (PSO) and Payment Service Provider (PSP) issued by State Bank of Pakistan under the PS&EFT Act 2007, to provide an electronic platform for clearing, processing, routing and switching of electronic transactions. We are certified ISO 9001-2000 for Clearing Services and ISO 27001 for Information Security Services.

We are responsible for the efficient and safe operation of Automated Cheque Clearing System and provision of Public Key Infrastructure for issuance of digital certificates to promote secure financial transactions and to offer E-Commerce and Payment Gateway services which bring efficiency and convenience in the operations of our customers.

Mission Statement: “NIFT mission is to provide efficient, effective and reliable Payment Processing systems / products to Banking Industry as well as to E-Commerce Merchants while ensuring the needs and convenience of their customers. We focus on our customers as an active component in growth process and continue to offer services that expand their access to excellent and affordable technologies”.
NIFT Objectives: "We will draw from the respect we have earned as Trusted Payment System Operator (PSO) and will become a distinctive organization known for innovative use of technology to continually improve products and services for the benefit of our customers and keep them abreast with times to compete in the digital era”.
The Automated Clearing House commenced operation in 1997 from Karachi and gradually spread its network to 27 centers in major cities of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, hence serving over 13,400 banks-branches of 41 Commercial / Microfinance Banks and National Saving Centers (CDNS) in over 500 cities and towns.
We design turn-key solutions for financial and non-financial institutions. NIFT turn-key solution with its support available all across the country with unique pricing model shall help in generating good business against the competition. NIFT has earned a valuable repute and experience over the past few years for its efficient and superior services which have no match from the competition.

Banking industry has witnessed high growth industry in the past few decades.  With modern day needs, digital banking services are increasing exponentially and will continue to flourish in this market as it provides customer convenience, faster response times and digitized trail in the payment system of each transaction. The State Bank of Pakistan as the regulator is playing its critical and lead role in facilitating growth and considers e-banking services as an evolving and innovative process for financial sector leading towards the goal of the payment digitization. Efficient, swift, secured and convenient inter-bank payment system across all segments of the population is the ideal situation in which economic growth can further thrive.
NIFT is gearing up for this paradigm shift and adopting the changing market dynamics for providing of most advanced and acceptable financial services in the country. NIFT ePayment Gateway (NIFT ePay), NIFT Image Based Clearing System (NIFT eClearing) and NIFT Digital Cheque (NIFT eCheque) are some of the initiatives being undertaken to harness the potential of digital payments followed by other services in upcoming future. These initiatives and efforts will complement the NIFT’s vision by facilitating the development of efficient, effective and robust products for the payment system of the country.