About NIFT

Your finances flow seamlessly between banks each day, because NIFT looks after the details. Welcome to the world of National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

NIFT is Pakistan’s largest transactional clearing facilitator. We provide efficient and cost-effective automated clearing of financial transactions.

Our services include cheque clearing, reconciliation, unpaid cheque processing, same day clearing (express – 2 hrs. clearing service), intercity clearing as well as inter-branch & inter-bank settlements.


NIFT’s aim is to bring convenience to your life. As the first Certificate Authority in Pakistan, we excel in process payments for utilities across the Country. NIFT also provide financial data aggregation services, making your finances, and your life, smoother.


  • Our qualified and experienced team works closely with partners to continually enhance their confidence and trust in NIFT’s services.
  • We focus on our partners as an active component in our growth process.
  • We continue to offer services that expand access to excellent and affordable technologies.


NIFT was incorporated in September 1995, as a joint venture between six Pakistani banks and the private sector. Automated clearing was the young Organization’s primary focus. Processing centers became a part of our revolutionary model. We also created standards for encoding cheques to assist banks in preparing code lines. Bank personell were rigorously coached to adapt seamlessly to the new system.

NIFT established image-based clearing systems, harnessing high speed MICR Reader/Sorter equipment from NCR, UNISYS, Panini Corporation and FUJI. This has naturally progressed into cheque truncation and electronic clearing offerings.

NIFT services all of Pakistan’s commercial and microfinance banks. 43 commercial and microfinance banks and over 12000 of their branches utilized NIFT’s services through 27 Processing Centers.

Our software implementation continues to evolve and is personalized by in-house NIFT coders. Users benefit from a system devised by those who understand the unique requirements of the financial world and the foreign bank account world.

As a premier Third Party Processor, NIFT’s Team promises to deliver efficient and cutting-edge service as it continues to grow. We use technology to continually improve, keeping Pakistan’s financial channels running smoothly, ahead of global security trends.