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About Automated Clearing

Automated clearing began in 1996, at a single center in Karachi. Growing organically, NIFT expanded services to all major cities in Pakistan, from Karachi to Islamabad and beyond.

Our 27 centers collect outward clearing directly from designated branches in specific clearing regions. We then conduct transaction processing, presentment, processing of returns, and transmit settlement information to the central bank. All necessary scrolls, reports and advices for accounting entries are made available to banks and their branches.

NIFT’s system works. Its implementation has been tailored to serve local needs and was based on effective process reengineering. A direct relationship with each branch is established; empowering every link in the chain.

Ease of use and speed are crucial in today’s financial world. NIFT’s Inward clearing and return marking are web-based. The scoreboard facility on the web enables the Treasury Managers to examine their positions as the day progresses, to provide timely information and aid their decision making.

The Future of Automated Clearing

NIFT always has the future in sight. The prevalent clearing process involves the movement of physical cheques to and from banks. Knowing time is of essence, NIFT offers a system in which presenting and acquiring banks can decide the fate of payments without cheques leaving the presenting branch.

Based on the validity of the cheque’s security features, issuing banks can confirm payments and clear cheques. Is currently working with regulators to secure covers for the mechanism

Efficient, elegant and secure, NIFT’s ACH method is indispensible to Pakistan’s financial institutions.


  • Servicing 36 commercial banks and 7 microfinance banks
  • Servicing 11,807 commercial bank branches and 487 microfinance bank branches
  • Covering 357 cities, nationwide.